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Primary Care

New Primary Care Practice Acquires New Patients for Just $36

"If you're like me and you have tried multiple "platinum partners” and have been disappointed over and over again, stop wasting your time and hire this company. The only one who has ever produced and done what they said they were going to do."

The Problem

Best life primary care was a brand new practice looking to grow quickly and while they have experienced providers with existing patients they didn’t have a way to predictably grow their patient pipeline. As a new practice, they also lacked visibility online preventing making it difficult for those looking for a primary care doctor to find them.

The Solution

Best Life Primary Care implemented the SuperPractice patient acquisition system, giving them a state of the art online presence that turns clicks into patients. We also deployed our paid traffic strategy to fully leverage the power of the patient acquisition system. Best Life Primary Care providers are now fully booked 2-3 months out and are acquiring new patients at just $36 on average.

$ 1
New Patient Acquisition Cost
1 %
Increase in Search Impressions
1 %
Conversion Rate

Want to grow your practice?

Learn how to create an online patient acquisition system that reliably attracts 10-50 new, high-value patients every month.

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